Supported Platforms

Genesys Cloud

Connecting to Genesys Cloud is fast and easy. For third party connections, it takes less than five minutes to configure and be on your way. For those using premium app integration, the connections takes seconds.

Once up and running, call recordings and meta data come streaming to our real time engines and data and reports are available in less than an hour. The power of "simple things easy" means you can be exploring your call center data almost right away.

Find out more about connecting to Genesys Cloud on the AppFoundry.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect has defined the serverless contact center market and to go along with this innovative platform, get the powerful SuccessKPI serverless analytics platform.

Activate your instance and connect to the Amazon Connect environment from our control panel within minutes.

Once connected, data from the real time Kinesis stream and the Amazon Connect real-time and historical data elements will start to populate. Then AI and ML engines start working and you're off to the races with an enterprise caliber analytic environment.

Learn more about our advanced partner integration on the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Chime

Not ready to move to Amazon Connect but need your speech data analyzed quickly?

SuccessKPI can connect directly to your audio stream using Amazon Chime field activation. By connecting Chime to your session border controller, we can begin to analyze your audio from your contact center or other operations to perform speech analytics and natural language understanding.

The advantage to this approach is low deployment and a powerful business case over competing products.

Contact us for more details on connecting to Amazon Chime.

Other platforms

If you have data from Five9, Avaya, Genesys PureConnect or another contact center platform, our open architecture allows you to load data for analytics and analysis purposes.

Contact Us to learn where your platform sits on our roadmap: it's possible we can accelerate integration quickly.


Become a partner

SuccessKPI continues to build out integrations to other contact center platforms.

Contact Us to connect with our API and integration team.


Out-of-the-box integrations