Smart and heavy-duty contact center intelligence


Bring Amazon contact center intelligence to life


Built on AWS:
pure cloud, pure SaaS

SuccessKPI is a powerful blend of technology, innovation, user-centered system design and many years of contact center experience - built on more than fifty AWS components.


Whether you are deploying on Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud, Avaya, Cisco, or any of a hundred different contact center solutions, our pre-packaged pure SaaS, serverless application unleashes the real-time analytics and actions required to transform your customer experience and deliver radically improved business outcomes.

Drive business outcomes and cost reductions with real power

SuccessKPI integrates legacy analytics silos into one unified performance management and real-time action framework.


Platform Modules


Call center analytics

  • A full Business Intelligence and analytics layer is ready to import your contact center metadata for all channels
  • Hundreds of prebuilt connects integrate 3rd party data (e.g. Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics) with hundreds of pre-built connectors
  • Manage data from IVR, ACD, email, chat, chatbot and other conversation sources

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Speech and text analytics

  • Transcribe conversatrions in more than a dozen languages
  • Decode conversations at the Topic, Theme and Keyword level with Natural Language Understanding
  • Gain a deep understanding of what agents and customers say and feel with Sentiment Analytics

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Playbook Builder™ for real-time action

  • Gain conversational understanding with Topics, Theme, and Sentiment Analytics
  • Automate actions to drive real-time business outcomes
  • Assist agents with real-time feedback on their customer conversations

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Automated Quality Management

  • Deploy automated machine scoring of customer conversations
  • Evaluate and score agents and conversations with custom scorecards
  • Empower agents with self-directed coaching tools

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Fast and easy activation


Options to get started

  1. Launch on marketplace
  2. Contact Us for an introduction to a delivery partner
  3. Get private access to a testing and integration instance for your enterprise

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Transformational AI and ML for the Business User

Your IT Team will love this platform

SuccessKPI is ready for activation in minutes with a tight, secure integration to leading cloud platforms. Your IT team can continue to focus on the needs of the business, while business users get to leverage the power of our easy to use interface immediately. Our pure SaaS, serverless infrastructure means that we can scale instantly from 50-5,000 users with the performance expected by your technology team.

Business users will love this platform

Your team can immediately get to work with machine scoring, topic analysis, sentiment detection and leveraging all of this new data in the BI layer. With SuccessKPI's pre-built reports, dashboards, and playbooks, your team starts with a set of working elements from which they can develop, grow, and apply their own ideas.

SuccessKPI makes complex things possible

The software is user friendly AND under the surface, contains hardcore components with the power to create complex visualizations, to drive complete machine scoring exercises, and to manage highly evolved speech and text analytics projects.