Pull ALL your contact center data together, and put it to work with AI.


Transform your customer experience with enterprise grade contact center analytics powered by AI and ML.

Modern contact center analytics requires integrating detailed and complex information across diverse channels, platforms, and domains. SuccessKPI provides a unified and comprehensive platform which combines these inputs with powerful, user-friendly interfaces and state-of-the-art AI and ML engines. Our business user experience provides work spaces where executives, analysts, agents, supervisors and administrators can collaborate on the same platform with ease. Our AI and ML engines transcribe speech, perform natural language understanding, decode sentiment, and take action so you can drive key business outcomes.

Our finely tuned roles-based access controls help you deploy profiles to simplify user access for novice users and to unleash full functionality for your more intrepid analysts. SuccessKPI integrates traditional call center analytics, next generation digital channel interactions, speech and text analytics, machine scoring, supervisor scorecards, and our innovative Playbook Builder™ outputs in an unified enterprise data warehouse. From here, your teams gain a complete 360-degree view powered by a rich business intelligence layer. Your team can perform data discovery, integrate third party data from hundreds of prebuilt adapters (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com, ServiceNow), produce visualizations and analytic dashboards and take actions to drive to business outcomes. Our server-less pure SaaS architecture is globally deployed, operating in 10 languages with the ability to transcribe speech conversations in a dozen more.


Call center analytics

Explore data how you want with Dashboards, Visualizations, custom analytics, and subscriptions

Gain a 360-degree view of the entire customer experience across all channels

Integrate 3rd party data (e.g. Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics) with hundreds of pre-built connectors

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Speech and text analytics

Transcribe conversations in more than a dozen

Decode conversations at the Topic, Theme and Keyword level with Natural Language Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of what agents
and customers say and feel with
Sentiment Analytics

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Playbook Builder™ for real-time action

Improve conversational understanding with Topics, Theme, and Sentiment Analytics

Automate actions to drive real-time business outcomes

Assist agents with real time feedback on their customer conversations

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Automated quality management

Deploy automated machine scoring of customer

Evaluate and score agents and conversations with custom scorecards

Empower agents with self-directed
coaching tools

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Unified analytics for your
CX everything, across all channels










Most contact centers are forced to enter a series of data silos to understand what is happening in their customer conversations. The unified SuccessKPI platform allows users to see data from all channels, all analytics regions, and all conversations in one data visualization layer.

First, we ingest the information from hundreds of API data streams provided by leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Connect and Genesys Cloud. From here, we layer in a transcription of speech conversations where we leverage our AI tools to understand topics, keywords, themes, sentiment, and to machine score calls based on your business rules. Supervisor conversation scores are processed alongside the machine scores. Repeat caller data, contacts across multiple channels and the data from a CRM and support desk systems are integrated for an even more refined view.

All of this data is correlated, unified, and updated for every call, in every day, and every hour. This rich tapestry of information is then available in a user-friendly web interface subscriptions, or to perform detailed data discovery. With everything in one place, you now have a total view of each and every customer journey to drive the business outcomes you seek.

Activate in Minutes.

Launch quickly on the Genesys Cloud or Amazon Connect call center platform. Get started in the AppFoundry or Marketplace or work with one of our integration partners

Activating SuccessKPI takes minutes. Whether self-serving on the Genesys AppFoundry or Amazon Marketplace or working with one of our integration partners, your contact center analytics experience begins immediately. Once activated, our prebuilt dashboards in the “key questions” workspace begin answering questions about your data. Behind this, our shared dashboards library is full of dozens of other prebuilt reports which you can explore. If you want something new, simply copy to your custom dashboards library and begin modifying one of our starter reports or build your own from scratch. Our playbooks library provides a kick-start to your speech and text analytics efforts. Load one of our prebuilt playbooks and you will find yourself with topics, themes, and actions which can provide a first set of analytics exercises, a building block for your own projects, or take out examples from which to think through how to tackle your key business outcomes.

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Transformational AI and ML for the Business User


Your IT Team will love this platform.

Being able to get started in minutes with a tight, secure integration to leading cloud platforms means your IT team can continue to focus on the needs of the business while business users get to leverage the power of our easy to use interface immediately. Our pure SaaS, serverless infrastructure means that we can scale instantly from 50-5,000 users with the performance expected by your technology team.

SuccessKPI is friendly to the business user and yet has the power to satisfy the most demanding enterprise analyst.

SuccessKPI makes simple things easy. AI and ML are only powerful if they get used by business teams. With our easy-to-use business friendly interface, your team will be able to get to work immediately with machine scoring, topic analysis, sentiment detection and leveraging, all of this new data in the BI layer. With prebuilt reports, dashboards, and playbooks, your team will start with a set of already working elements from which they can develop, grow, and apply their own ideas.  

SuccessKPI makes complex things possible. Our tools present themselves in user friendly terms and our roles based access controls let you hide some of the more complex features and capabilities. Yet, under the surface lie all of the complex components, engines, and tools necessary to make the most complex visualizations, to drive the most complete machine scoring exercise, and to undertake highly evolved speech and text analytics projects.

Take Real Time Action with Playbook Builder™

Your business needs more than a pretty picture.

While our data visualization is capable of producing amazing visualizations and combining data across hundreds of data sources, we know that you are all about the business outcomes. Whether you are trying to reduce churn, improve customer experience, reduce AWT or AHT, our tools help you find answers and patterns to form complex hypotheses about your business. But we don’t stop there. 

Our playbooks allow you to establish real time plays to take action during the conversation, after the conversation, or after considering other inputs. Actions can range from sending emails or SMS messages to invoking RESTful APIs to push cases to Salesforce.com or kicking off a lambda function to kick off a downstream process. Maybe you just want to send a conversation to an evaluation room or bridge a supervisor on the line. The logic, the action, and the power to apply these can be found in Playbook Builder™. This user-friendly, business process design tool couples conditions (topic, theme, sentiment, metric), logic (AND, OR, or Custom logic), and actions to drive business impact in real time.

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Work in your choice of 25 languages

Suitable for any size contact center, from 50 agents to 5000.